Understanding as a Coach Trait



Having these qualities and choosing to exercise them in the relationship allows both parties to feel comfortable with each other. It also helps to create the platform for each party to be able to exercise freedom of expression within the relationship. Tolerance and compassion when put into practice clearly shows the intelligence levels and the ability to work towards a goal together.


When mistakes are made and unfair assumptions are apparent, the tolerance element is put to the test. If tolerance is not apparent or featured in the partnership between the individual and the coach there can be serious repercussion that could lead to the eventual breakup of the partnership.


Exercising compassion when it is needed is also vital in ensuring the success of the relationship between the individual and the person chosen as a coach figure. Many times people fail to be compassionate simply because they are unwilling to change their mind set to accept other styles or thoughts. Being compassionate also exposes individual to different experiences and ideas where new things can be learnt and perhaps accepted.


Exercising tolerance and compassion also teachers and grows the ability to seek to understand the differences that are apparent in other mind sets. This brings about the openness to dialog and learn more from these other styles. The benefit of this exercise would not only expand the knowledge of both the coach and the individual but also help each other to come to terms with the reasons for the differences.