2020 Master Access Pagelinks

2020 Master Access

Note from Sean:

As I've prepared this training page, I've realized how very much training this is . . . and it's actually only a fraction of everything I've taught in the last 5 quarters.

I bring this up because I know from experience that it's easy for a client to see this much training and become overwhelmed and think, I can never learn all this. OR try to learn it all at once.

Neither strategy works.

Instead, peruse the page.

Choose one topic you are interested in.

Watch ALL the tracks for that topic.

Take deep notes.

Attempt to understand, not just learn.

Then instead of just filing it away - make your own slides

and start RE-TEACHING what I'm teaching here.

That's how I learned this business - studying and teaching,

studying and teaching.

If you want to be a master . . .study and re-teach.

What you teach, you learn.

Okay, you can feel my heart here . . study and re-teach, don't just watch.

Go for it!


Coaching Membership Formula:

Coaching Membership Formula


Consultant Webinar Formula:

Script the Opening

Webinar Story

Teaching Section of Webinar

Transition and Close

Add Pictures and Graphics


Scalable Consultant Breakthrough:

High Ticket Consultant Funnel Intro

High Ticket Consultant Funnel Overview

High Ticket Consultant Funnel - Directive

High Ticket Consultant Funnel the Model

High Ticket Consultant Funnel - Move Prospect From Level To Level

High Ticket Consultant Funnel - Go to the Next Level

Productized Consultant Breakthrough

More Workshops:

Webinar Consulting With Linkedin Path

Consultant Business Big Idea and Outline

Ways to Help Clients

Ways to Get Paid as a Consultant Entry Level

Hack Sales Letter With Bob T

Create a Membership Area With Beaver Builder

High Level Overview of High Ticket Funnel

How to Hold a Live Virtual Event and Turn It Into an Evergreen Product

How to Use Workshops to Jumpstart Your Coaching Or Consulting Business - Real World Plan

Signature Coaching Business

The Linkedin In Mass Attack 30 Prospects Per Day Training:

Intro to Linkedin Prospecting - High Trust Method, Relationship Scripts
Linkedin Prospecting Second Level Scripts
How to Get Clients From Scratch on Linkedin

Linkedin Prospecting Part 1

Linkedin Prospecting Part 2

Linkedin Scripts


Coaching Traffic - Linkedin

1-1 Sales Mastery

1-1 Sales Mastery - Simplified Script

1-1 Sales Mastery - Deep, Complicated, and Psychology

1-1 Sales Mastery - Deep, Complicated, and Psychology - Discussion



How to Build a Virtual Assistant Reseller Business, Web Design Business, or Other Consulting or Service Business:

Consultant Service Business Market Needs

Consultant Service Business Money and Scalability

Consultant Service Business Simple Delivery and Selling System

Consultant Service Business Market Research

Consultant Service Business How to Find a Virtual Assistant

How to Create a Scalable Service Business and Add Service to Consulting

How to Build a Linkedin Lead Agency

Your 2021 Growth Plan (This is Off-the-Charts!)

Sales Letter Formula:

Sales Letter Formula

Workshop Coaching Business:

Workshop Coaching Business