High Ticket Consulting Business and Predictable Enrollment

Consultants and Speakers: Are you tired of hitting the $10k - $20k wall because you are maxed out on your time and enrollment capacity?

Scale Your Consulting Business With Evergreen High Ticket Enrollment

To Rob:

My program focuses on:

Attracting High Ticket Clients Who Are Willing to Pay What You are Worth

Creating a High Value, High Ticket Group Consulting Experience That Allows You to Leverage Your Time

Enroll clients with an advanced, choreographed email + webinar + letter evergreen campaign that has high conversion rates

I get stuck in telling all about the steps and processes and what to do

And have a very hard time painting the picture of what their life will look like


My stab at a letter:

Are you struggling to scale because you are stuck over-delivering 1-1 clients?

Are you sick and tired of spending time with yucky, lower priced customers because you feel compelled to take every 1-1 client you can?

Are you tired of sweating bullets to enroll every single client?

Are you constantly running in circles, enrolling clients, then delivering client work, only to have to enroll more clients?

Perhaps you find you are constantly delivering similar training to multiple 1-1 clients, you are burnt out, and then you still have to enroll more clients . . with time intensive 1-1?


Here's the thing, no one told you it would be so hard to keep your Consulting Business hamster wheel going . .

No one told you success was going to take so much time and especially emotional energy,

It's not that  you aren't making good money, it's that finding clients who will pay what you are worth is like pulling eye teeth . . .

So you settle for less quality clients - who end up burning you out.

What if there were a way to funnel clients to you so that you attract the high ticket clients who will pay what you are worth, while simultaneously enrolling them in a powerful group consulting program so that your delivery isn't 1-1?

You see, when you attract high ticket clients who only want to work with high ticket consultants, your work load becomes a dream . . .

In fact, the highest ticket clients simply won't work with coaches or consultants who discount and target the lower end of the market.



In addition, how would it feel to be able to enroll those same high ticket clients through an evergreen webinar campaign, instead of time - consuming 1-1 calls (but have the freedom to take short "quick question" calls)


The thing is, when you enroll clients through an evergreen process, you can build in predictability, and consistency in the clients coming in . . .

And when that's combined with group delivery, not only are you spending less time selling 1-1, the webinar enrollment process sets the stage for clients to work with you in a personalized small group, instead of 1-1 coaching . . . while getting paid the same high price.


Imagine what it will feel like when you have:


--> A high ticket consulting program that caters to your highest clients' needs while supporting them at the very highest level


--> Enrolling clients in an evergreen email + webinar + video choreographed online campaign that converts $6k - $10k clients without a long sales call


--> Having the time and freedom to be 100% present for every group consulting call, because you aren't worn out and burnt out from over-coaching


--> Having serious predictability in your income, because clients are coming in new each week, not just during "launch quarters"


--> Seeing your clients getting massive results because they are involved in very intentional, guided training, that's delivered on autopilot through a members area.

--> Enrolling 5 - 10 clients each month, on autopilot, without doing sales calls and scheduling 1-1s


--> Giving you the freedom to teach at a higher level because you are not worn out from hustling with 1-1 clients


Here's what happens in your life when your high ticket enrollment is evergreen:


Instead of waking up to a slew of 1-1 sales enrollment calls that may or may not be the right clients . . .

You wake up to new client notifications that have enrolled through the evergreen webinar sequence . . .


Instead of having multiple 1-1 clients each week, you have a powerful, group consulting program where clients are motivated to not only do the work, but network and collaborate with other clients so that they get even better results than working 1-1 with you . . .


How would it feel when you . . . .

Introducing: The High Ticket Consultant Attraction and Conversion Mentoring Program

--> You'll attract high paying clients who place a premium on their time, and are willing to pay a high price to get targeted, streamlined instruction, plus access to you when they need it

--> You'll expand your business and free your time by enrolling future clients in a Concierge Consulting Program with Recorded Training, Weekly Q and A for guidance, plus Community for Networking and Co-Coaches available daily to help with details and answer questions

--> You ultimately get to help MORE clients, at High Prices, and deliver in leveraged group programs so that you spend LESS time delivering your consulting.


You help more clients, at higher prices, with evergreen 24-7 enrollment, in leveraged group programs that create massive freedom in your life, while getting better results for clients.

Modules and Bullet Points for Modules and Deliverables Will Go Here

Price and Call to ACtion here

I'm looking forward to seeing you go to a whole new level!


Sean Mize


P.S. You may not know this . . . but this is probably the best time in all of history to be scaling your high ticket business  .. .


You see, not only are people LOOKING for more intimate programs, they know they have the time to do the work, unlike before Covid, they actually have MORE money to invest because they aren't spending it in the malls . . .


PLUS - with the economy potentially taking a turn for the worse after the New Year . . . . why not position yourself by getting your first clients on autopilot with webinars, and really master what works in a more affluent market . . . rather than waiting until the market turns and try to figure it out then . . . .


And one more thing:


There is a HUGE influx of new Consultants coming online . . . executives and managers and CEOS who are being let go because of the Covid slowdowns in Corporate . . . .


There is NO BETTER TIME to build a consulting business than right now . . .


Hands down


So . . . if you want to see exactly what I'm doing to scale my own Consulting business . . . so that you can copy what I'm doing,



Like I said, this is a private training, because it's high-level information that frankly isn't right for everyone's business, so it's only available by invitation, to apply for an invite, simply answer the questions below: