7 Figure Boardroom Business Access

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Watch Me Build a 7 Figure Boardroom Business From Scratch in One Day

Note: this is serious training.

If you arrive late for any reason, please don't ask me or anyone else to "catch you up"

There is no replay promised, if there are parts that are released, you will get them.

This is fast paced, serious work.

Plan to turn off all social media, texting, distractions, empty your bladder before arriving, and so on.

Get ready to work!

Warning: This might shift your belief for 2021 and you might not be able to sleep tonight!


Here is your zoom access:

password: 886946

Zoom Access 1 PM ET

This live training is on Friday at 1 PM ET till ?????

Warning: this is not for everyone. Currently, this model is being used by the top marketers and highest earners on earth, and it's the #1 model for high end consulting since the quarantines began.

This is normally done with big teams, 5-10 staff, and a big budget.

Today I am going to peel back the curtain and literally show you in real time the parts of a 7 figure consulting business, and demonstrate the actual creation of the business.

Although parts of this will be recorded, much of the discussion and explanation may not be.

I personally promise that if you move your schedule around to be live for this training, it will be worth your time.

You may know that I personally cancelled 6 hours of my own day yesterday (thank you Becca, Richard, Mark, and all my High Ticket Mentoring Clients for allowing me to move your consulting with me to a different day).

If you attend today's training, and totally participate mentally and emotionally, turn off all social and texting and focus 100% you will emerge with the understanding of what it takes to run a 7 figure business and know that if you simply do the steps, YOU can have a 7 figure business as fast as you can implement.

Warning: this is hard work, will require you to learn new things, do uncomfortable things, and work 4 hours a day.

Therefore it is NOT for everyone.

Everyone (as in my clients to whom this letter is sent) is welcome to watch and learn - but just know this: just as swimming is not for everyone, skiing moguls is not for everyone, raising 10 children is not for everyone . . .

Running a 7 figure business is not for everyone.

It's not child's play, it's not some push button click system where riches come in automatically.

It's work.

It's 7 figures.

It changes lives.

It pays well.

If you want in, register here and show up:

This live training is on Friday at 1 PM ET till ?????


Hi, I'm Sean Mize . . .

I've been helping entrepreneurs create training programs and coaching programs for over 13 years, and have taught thousands of clients.

Over the course of time, I've fine-tuned the processes to getting started FAST and in the Masterclass I dig deep on what's working NOW!~


I hope you enjoy the training, I'll see you on the other side!


Sean Mize


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