Selling Everything and You Win

I'm Selling Everything and You Win

Dear Client,

That's not a misprint.

I'm selling everything and you win.

You may know that my business model for 2021 is radically different than it has been for the last 14 years.

You may know that my first year back in 2007 was $100k+ and that every year since has  been $250k- $500k.

I thought that was good.

Surely good for the first few years.

But what I have just recently learned is that

"what got you here won't get you there"

The tactics I was using were tactics to get someone to about $250K and I muscled the $500k years (with serious blessing from God)

But the SYSTEM wasn't set up for $1m or more.

I have recently been shown the $1 million or more system.

Now, if your only goal is $1 million or more, please just skip this.

But the thing is, I did the first step right for $100k.

Then for $250k.

The problem is, I got stuck at the $250k-$500k level.

In everything in life there's levels.

Like bachelors, masters' doctorate.

I did $100k, then $250k - $500k . . . then I circled for 12 years.

I have been exposed to the next level.

And starting Tuesday my entire business will be the new business model.

Now, if YOU still need to go through the

$100k model first

then the $250k model next

What I am getting ready to do will be like a windfall for you.

You see, I've decided to sell everything for the $100k - $250k model.

Last year I taught the model intensively in my highest level mentoring programs.

Because on Tuesday I am completely switching over to the new model

And I want YOU to be able to go through the $100k and $250k models as fast as possible

I'm selling the entire system for a steal.

Literally everything to get to $100k - $250k.

And the access you get will be my ENTIRE 2020 Mentoring Curriculum

This has NEVER been sold outside of my Mentoring Clients.

Clients invested $5500 last year to be a Mentoring Client.

Now, one caveat - this will ONLY be the actual lessons.

It won't have access to the actual live Mentoring with me . . .

But if you want to have access to my ENTIRE 2020 line of Mentoring Training

The actual lessons I taught my clients and used as their curriculum

It's about 200 step by step lessons to getting to $100k first, then $250 2nd

Today is your day.

Like I said, this is my $5500 2020 Mentoring Lessons.

You can get the entire suite of lessons today not for $5500

Not for $3500

Not for $1000

but just one easy investment of $77:



You'll get access today to the training, so you can start immediately.

You'll be amazed at how deep the training is, and how quickly you can learn the $100k - $250k lessons.

However, I want to make this offer even sweeter.

Perhaps you are wondering, ok, what is the $1 million level?

What is Sean doing differently this year that is so much of a radical upgrade?

I'm going to hold a live Workshop where I show you the model inside and out.

--> Where to find clients

--> How much to charge

--> How many clients to get to $1 million

--> The exact path to take, what to sell, who to hire, the whole ball of wax

This live Workshop will easily be worth $1000 or more

but you'll get access to this $1 million blueprint reveal as a bonus when you get my 2020 Mentoring Access today:

So you are getting my entire 2020 Mentoring Lessons that I've never released outside of Mentoring clients ($5500 value)

-> my $1 million personal blueprint for 2021 (literally line by line what I'll do this year, you'll be able to copy if you want) ($1000 value)


That's $6500 in total value.


I could stop there.

I'm going to throw in one additional bonus that's worth more than the price of admission:

I'm going to give you a ticket to a 90 minute private coaching session with me personally where I will personally map out your $100k or $250k or $1 million business for 2021

You get to choose which level I map out, because $1 million isn't for everyone

$250k isn't for everyone.

So YOU get to choose which model is for you, based on your topic and the demand in your industry (which I will also help you with)


So . . . . if you are ready for the ultimate blueprint for 2021 for YOU

AND you want to see my own $1million blueprint .  . go ahead and get in now:

P.S. You might be asking, why am I doing this?

There's something you don't know.

And as I've been building out the steps in my own business for my first $1 million year

I've been wrestling with  . .

How do I deal with "stopping teaching" the $100k - $250k model for clients who haven't gone through that stage yet.

I've been really wrangling with it, because I don't want anyone left out.

Of course, some people will not go to the next level no matter what.

But before I begin the new Model Tuesday, I wanted every single client to have the opportunity to have access to the $100k - $250k model before I stop teaching it   . . .


I hope you'll do this with me, you'll get the 2020 Mentoring lessons, you'll get the $1 million Plan Workshop With me (live or you can watch it recorded if you can't make it live)

Plus the private coaching session for you based on $100k, $250k or $1 million goal for 2021 . . .


Sean Mize