Run Your Own Black Friday 2020 Access

Run Your Own Black Friday 2020 Access

These 5 packages are just the content, as no sales letters were written, these can be sold as a bundle (you can use this sales page as inspiration:

High Ticket Funnel Training:

High Ticket Funnel Training

Youtube Training

Youtube Training for Consultants


How to Create a $5k - $10k Offer:

How to Create a $5k - $10k Offer

Linkedin Training

Linkedin Training Program

These Packages Contain sales pages, etc:

Workshop Coaching Business PLR

This one's a whopper, and includes some bonus programs:

Signature Coaching Business PLR


Go out, repackage these, make a Black Friday offer, add in someone else's plr, maybe some of your own material, and kick off the end of the year right!!


Sean Mize