3 Mistakes Consultants Make With Linkedin Outreach – Homework

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Before we meet, I have prepared some homework for you:

Step 1: Watch this 32 minute video: How to Fast Track Client Enrollment

Step 2: Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the price of your service or consulting?
  2. How many appointments do you currently get each week?
  3. How many sales/ enrollments do you get each week?
  4. What is your current conversion rate?
  5. If you had 20 appointments per week with qualified prospects, how many sales would you make per week?
  6. How many sales are you leaving on the table by NOT having a full schedule of appointments?

If you answer those questions honestly, you'll likely have a realization that getting more appointments is the single biggest lever that can increase your business, sales, and revenue . . .


And on the training you enrolled for, I'll dig deep on the 3 mistakes that consultants make that block them from having a full calendar of appointments:

  1. They have no clear clarion call to action on their site, google presence, and linkedin presence (not just profile) so they are losing out on prospects who aren't responding because their message is wrong
  2. They are unclear about who to target in their outreach, so they end up targeting the wrong prospect, so they miss out on getting the right prospects on their calendar
  3. They don't have a proven, high converting message, inmail, or email outreach that clearly hooks their prospect and attracts them to their schedule, so their outreach is hit or miss and they are losing out on connecting and selling to the right prospects

If you are making one (or all 3) of these mistakes, you'll get huge value out of today's training, where I'll show WHY these 3 mistakes are killing your business and BLOCKING you from getting a full schedule, why these 3 mistakes are stopping you from getting incoming appointment requests, and preventing you from getting a 30% to 50% reply rate on your outgoing messages, in mails and emails . . .

Check your inbox and be sure you've received the call in instructions from zoom . . .


I look forward to seeing you on the training!


Sean Mize