Yes, Sean, I want to work with you personally in the 4 day intensive to build my high ticket application funnel


Here is what we'll do together:

Over 4 days, 2 hours each day, I will personally guide you and a few other select clients to build your high ticket application funnel, so that you can immediately begin having prospects go through the funnel, become fully warmed up, so that they are desiring to join your coaching or work with you.

Here is what we'll do:

Day 1: Set up all funnel pages on your website, and add most print copy

Day 2: Write 5 day email to get folks coming back to your application and build out the "homework" preselling page

Day 3: Create the presuasion campaign, complete with the calendar link, and the automation when they set an appointment

Day 4: Script your exact selling script, with your offer details word-for-word

At the end of day 4, you will have a complete High Ticket Application Funnel that's 100% working and ready to invite prospects to.

I've never done this class work before outside my $9800 mentoring program . . .

And this is the core component to you being able to sell your high ticket program (anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 or more)

You can start small and grow . .

With just one new client, you pay for your investment here . .

As I mentioned on the training today,

you won't invest $9800

You won't invest last year's price of $5500

It's just $497 for clients who enroll today:

In addition to the 4 day live intensive class itself, you'll also get full templates to every component in the funnel:

All the funnel pages

Your homepage and about page

The full homework funnel

The 5 day email campaign

The full application funnel itself

And all automations mapped out (and I teach them in the intensive)

So in short, I'm not only working with you on the call, I'm making it super easy for you to build your funnel fast, and of course I'll be helping you.


Now, as a special bonus when you enroll today,

You'll get 3 hours of 1-1 with me that you can use to help you build the funnel, or even script and write your webinar with you.

(These are designed to be used during these 2 weeks, not banked for later, this is so that YOU CAN GET LAUNCHED and making sales fast)


This is going to be an incredible experience, and my highest recommendation is to:

just do it!