2021 Ultimate Coach Extension – Clients Upgrade

As we go into next year, I want to offer you an opportunity to work personally with me . . .

Now, I told myself I wouldn't take on anymore 1-1 clients for next year

But truth me told, when clients interact 1-1 with me . . .

even sporadically - once a month, for example - it's like there's a radical upshift in their productivity

And I've had several 1-1 clients this week that have had huge wins -

So I've decided to open up a few spots to work personally with me in 2021

By the way, there's totally no pressure - I'm just putting it out here

Here's what you get:

Laser Coaching Throughout 2021 (Unlimited 15 minute laser coaching sessions, just do the work from one, then schedule the next)  $2000

6 30 Minute Emergency Coaching Sessions With Sean - $2000

3 1-1 Coaching Sessions With Sean - $2000

Access to Every Live Training, Every Live Class, Every Mentor Program - $9000

Access to 2 New Unannounced Memberships: Linkedin Prospecting Club - $1184

+ Time Management Membership Applications (Details TBA) - $1184

PLUS: Top 5 Business Models of 2021 - With Personal Analysis for YOUR Business Plan

3 Hour Intensive - $1000

Total Value: $18,368

Special End of Year Pricing: $2000: