The 2021 Business Model That Changes Everythingsalesletteruse

The 2021 Business Model That Changes Everything

Dear Client,

Has 2020 been a struggle for your consulting or coaching business?

Are you, frankly speaking, burnt out on trying to "sell more," coach 1-1, or even live teaching?

Are you looking for a business model for 2021 that will really change things for you . . . while providing you a nice income that doesn't require hustling, constantly selling more, and is totally recession-proof?

If so, be sure to read this letter . . .

You see, 2020 has been rough on a lot of consultants and coaches . . and you aren't the only one!

In fact, I've been re-evaluating my own path forward in 2021 . . .and in doing so, I've done a lot of research into what's needed RIGHT NOW . . .

And I've identified a corner of the market that's wide openĀ  . . .

In fact, it's in great demand right now, and practically no one is meeting the need in the market . . . and it can be done in just about any niche . . .

That's right, any consulting or coaching niche where there are already coaches or consultants . .

In fact, the more the merrier!

The more coaches or consultants there are in your niche . . . this method will work even better than ever

And the best news is, it's set up such that you can create content once . . . and it's sells over and over again . . .

Without 1-1 sales calls

Without costly facebook advertising

Without live webinars

Without havingĀ  weekly coaching call

Without stressing out or hustling or anything like that . . .

And it doesn't involve hiring anyone

It doesn't require selling a "service"

And not only is it "not" all of those things . . .

It's also:

100% automatable

The service you offer can be delivered 100% on autopilot without your intervention (aka, while you sleep)

It can be put into a 4 page automated sales funnel with 3 proven upsells that happen automatically

AND you get recurring payments, month after month after month . . .

Now, I'm not going to reveal how it works or exactly what it is in this letter

one reason is that I frankly want to reserve this topic for a small cadre of my own followers -

folks who want to cash in on a very powerful corner of the coach and consultant market that hardly anyone even knows about

(but a few hidden companies are making a KILLING right now)

And I believe there's room for at least 100 coaches or consultants to come in

Create an easy, easy membership (I can even provide much of the content for you, you might have to just create content one hour a week)

You get recurring payments

PLUS you have a 4 product upsell campaign so that someone comes to your site and:

  1. Buys your front end
  2. Immediately buys your 1st upsell
  3. 2nd Upsell
  4. 3rd Upsell

and makes monthly recurring payments . .

on something you set once and forget

And it's guaranteed to work in your niche, right now . .

Not only can you launch before Christmas, but you can EASILY make this a $100k business in 2021 . . .

And did I mention, it's recession - proof too . . .

This will work no matter how hard things get in your niche . . .

In fact, with the influx of new consultants coming on live right now . . .

There is a HUGE demand for this service . . .

It's actually more of a "deliverable" than a service . . .

But trust me when I say this:

You set it, you add "content" just one hour a week , . .

And it runs on autopilot the rest of the time

For years, if you want

Now, not only is this niche concept really really easy to do and to launch . . .

You can get customers all day long using free traffic . . .

That's right, there are very specific sources of free coach and consultant traffic that you simply invite to your front end offer (I'll show you exactly what to put there and how to price it, even give you a template for the page so that it will convert best!)

And your 4 page upsell system does the rest . .

And it runs on 100% autopilot the rest of the time . .

bringing in clients and payments on autopilot 24/7

Now, I know this sounds too good to be true . .

And when I realized how powerful this was

and how not only is almost no one doing it -

but the 2 companies that have figured it out are quietly making a killing behind the scenes

I realized how powerful it was

And I've decided to spill the beans to a special crowd of my own clients . . .

Now, like I said, I don't want to reveal this to my entire audience . .

Folks share things, tell people, and so on . . .

So if you decide you want to get in on this, I want to keep it a secret to just you and my other clients who want to do this

Now, it's really easy to set up . . .

And not only is it easy to set up, but I will provide you with fill in the blanks templates for your niche . .

For example, the fitness niche, the productivity niche, the coach niche, any niche, you use my templates, just switch out the words "fitness" and of course the content will be a little different for each . .

But I'll show you how to put the content in so that it's really easy . . .

Like I said, an hour a week, up front, you might need 5-10 hours for the set up

but once that's done, seriously you can just send free traffic to your "funnel" and your funnel does everything else . . .

Now, you might ask, ok, you will create all the pages, etc?

And the answer is yes, I am going to create all of the pages, everything

because out of 100 different coach/consultant sub-niches, I'm going to do this for one very specialized sub-niche myself

so I will be creating all of the pages and selling pages and order buttons and everything for myself, you just replace my sub-niche with yours (for example, mine is linkedin consultants, but the process is EXACTLY the same for singing coaches or keto coaches, etc, so although my pages are your example . . you just fill in the blanks . . .

Now, I've been very conservative about the numbers . . . you can make your first sales next week

and next year can be a $100k year . . .

but that's a starting point . . . .

I've talked about how it's really easy, an hour a week for content, then just drive free traffic from social (there's a special free strategy that works really good)

But that's the $100k plan, which is plenty for most people

But if you want to do MORE than $100k . . I don't want to say the sky is the limit -

it might be $500k or $1 million . . or maybe a little more

You can work a little more, maybe add a little tiny bit of coaching or a weekly call or something

and add to your income . . .

So at this point, if you are thinking, yes, this is really exciting . . .

How can I do it?

Now, like I said, I don't want to just put this out there . . .

You can literally slide into a totally hidden part of your market, right now before others realize what you are doing

And I'm going to make it so easy you can literally have your 1st $1000 month this month . . .

All with free traffic,

Using templates I'll show you

and easy content you'll create in an hour a week

So to make it easy I'm going to hold 3 live mentoring classes where I teach you exactly what the angle is for YOUR niche (I'm literally going to talk with YOU personally and help you see the special slice in YOUR market that's perfect for YOU and easy for YOU to do)

Plus I'm going to GIVE you the 4 pages that sell everything - the front end, plus the 3 upsell pages

PLUS the members area structure

AND the easy content structure . . .

This can all be done in just a few hours

Now, what's this worth?

Here's the thing, I know the rock-solid value of this

And if I wanted to do hour long webinars selling the concept . . and teach my heart out to do it

I could sell access to this for the "webinar - special - price" of just $997 and it would be worth every single penny

But frankly, I'd rather folks just enroll with a simple letter like this

I don't have to sell myself silly on a webinar . . .

Plus, I'd rather just save my energy