4 High Ticket Webinars Powerpoint Slide Deck

4 High Ticket Webinars Slide Deck

Note: these are powerful powerpoint webinar slide decks. I have attempted to remove my image, etc - you do not have the right to use my image, name, or testimonials. This is designed for you to use as the basis of your own, and the product images are essentially placeholders (you would be selling your own product)

I can also not guarantee exact bullet points, sales language etc, any claims you make are your responsibility. Also, this is delivered "as is" and of course you have to make it your own 🙂

Thanks for your patience - I didn't realize how big these files were, how much personal descriptions, and also I had to find the 4th one 🙂

Remember, these are designed to tell a story . . .so they aren't going to fit out of the box into your story . . you will need to use them as a guide, sometimes it's helpful to have a structure, but you will have to find your own voice, and sell your product or coaching!

Here are the zip files with the powerpoints:

Build a 5K Business

Boardroom Pricing Model

How to Create a Coaching Membership

Scalable Coaching and Consulting


As a bonus, here is a video showing you how to add images to the slides: