Secret Doc 20

Secret Doc 20

Ok, I just finished this morning:

As I was working on this doc today, I got more energized . . .when you read it - please read EVERY WORD and for each reference either listen in totality or read when there is a transcript.

Maintain an open mind.

Don't get caught up in "well that's not my niche"

Forget niche.

Figure out what GAP you can fill that you can get to $50k - $100k a month next year.

No more little thinking.

So . . .read and consume this completely, then send me an email and tell me your thoughts.

(if you saw it last night or this morning, refresh that link to get today's version, 19 pages long, it's HOT

Here it is:


Thanks for trusting me.

Remember, I didn't write any of that stuff . . . I try not to share stuff with language, etc - but sometimes if you want to really know what's out there . .well I hope I made the right decision here . .