The Only Way You'll Go To and Past $30k – $50k a Year Get In

How to Build a $30k - $100k/Month Coaching/Mentoring Business - live at 2 PM ET Thursday


This is obviously not for everyone. Folks who just want to get to $8k or $10k a month just won't get this.

But there's a path to $30k - $50k a month (and beyond, it might scare you)

My own $30k - $50k months have been powered by this principle . . .

And in 2021 I'm doubling down . . .

at 2 PM ET Thursday I'm going to show you step by step why you are probably stuck at less than $10k and what HAS to change if you want to break through.

(Again, this is NOT for everyone . . .there is a paradigm shift that happens to folks who break out and get to $30k - $50k and beyond, if you can't grasp the shift, this won't mean anything to you)

  • The 7 Steps to Building and Scaling Your Own High Ticket Mentorship This Year
  • The Real Reason it's impossible scale past $10k - $15k a month on your own
  • Discover the Secret I Personally Used This Year to Have a $50k month DURING the SHUTDOWNS
  • A realistic plan for ambitious people who want to change their life starting the 1st of January
  • The Key to Enrolling Clients at $7000 - $15,000 per client
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