Teaching From Experience

The reason why people become teachers and coaches is because they want to impart their knowledge on to other people. This knowledge is sometime learnt and sometimes experienced. Though gaining information through learning is good, learning from experience is unmatched in its benefits.




In this ever evolving world today learning though books and other media form is fairly common, however in ancient time the practice of passing down wisdom and information was done through actually experiencing the issues and conditions being conveyed.


The same applies to the coach and individual’s relationship. While teaching from material is of course needed, teaching from personal experience is better because it portrays the fact that the coach has already gone through the said lesson trying to be taught.


The physical experience lends better credibility to the need to produce the results based on the simple fact that it has been and can be done.


Besides actually going through the experience physically the individual is also able to relate to the exercise on a more intimate mental level. This helps both parties to be confident in pursuing a particular idea because of the knowledge that it has been done before.


Teaching from experience also allows the coach to foresee any possible problems or negative elements that might disrupt the relationship or intended foray. The confidence levels are also heightened because of the knowledge gained for the previous experience.


Teaching from past experience also creates the conditions that require less experimentation. For both parties concerned venturing into the intended foray would not feel so overwhelmed because the general idea and impending results are already available through the tried and true method.


Most people prefer to have a coach who is experienced rather than one who just has a lot of “book” knowledge. When a coach teaches from experience, the ability to match each individual to the appropriate function is definitely an advantage.