2020 400 Master Access Page

2020 400 Trainings Access Page

Thanks for your patience as I add these files . . . this is a huge package, and I honestly didn't realize how very disparate and in different places were the files, to get them ready for you to be able to use them with rights  . . .

So there has been a delay, especially as I decided to take 4 days mostly off over Christmas, however, you will notice I've added a lot more files since last week, and there's more to come!

thanks for your patience!

The complete 400 series package includes the trainings from multiple other courses, and these will be added over time -

honestly, these may take 2-3 weeks to fully populate, but I sure hope there's enough here already and keep you busy learning!


Because I'm updating the files for both the plr rights and the ordinary rights, I've consolidated the trainings themselves onto one page:

2020 Master Access Page

The Consultant Retirement Files

(Aka the Christmas Gift trainings)

Full PLR:

The Consultant Retirement Files