Creating an Offer Mini-Mentoring

Welcome to Creating an Offer!

Over the course of the next few days, as you are ready, we will create your offer!

To help me initially understand and begin thinking about your offer, please answer the following questions, plus please add anything you think I need as well to understand your premise and how you help clients!

  1. What do you teach?
  2. Whom do you teach?
  3. Who needs what you teach?
  4. What will they learn when they work with you?
  5. If they complete all of the work you assign, what is the result in the clients' life?
  6. If you were to give one solid assignment per week, how long will it take for the client to do all of the necessary work?
  7. Do you have tiers (a high level that might be 1-1, a mid level that might be a mix of 1-1 and group, an entry level that might just be the training itself, or with some level of q and a access)?
  8. If so, what tiers do you envision?
  9. What price point are you thinking for the tiers?
  10. What is your big promise?

Note: You may not know all of those answers right off the bat . . . and it's not necessary that you know them all before we begin working.

BUT . . . if you'll take the time to think deeply on these 10 questions, you'll be amazed at how much clearer you get on your offer - even with this very first print assignment, before we work on anything together!

Convert your answers in a pdf, or if unable to do that, please simple copy and paste into an email (please, no word docs, etc)

I look forward to guiding you in writing your offer (and of course I'll write as much as you want - but I find that if we do it together, you become empowered to write your own in the future 🙂 )