Private Training: How to Sell Your High Ticket Programs on Autopilot Without Sales Calls

I'm holding a private training revealing the How to Sell High Ticket Coaching or Consulting With Without Sales Calls or 1-1

Attention: High Ticket Coaches and Consultants Who Want to Scale to $50k/Month or More

It doesn't feel fair, does it?


Your work is good, your program is good . . . in fact, it's better than your competitions' program.


You have it priced right to make good money ($5k - $12k front end), you have a $25k backend (or could launch one fast)


But no matter how hard you try, you can't scale past a few new clients a month.


Perhaps you've thought about hiring a sales team . . . but you just get real dread thinking about trying to teach someone to sell YOUR coaching . . .


Plus you are afraid they'll tell someone something that's not true just to make the sale.


Or that they will be a hassle to manage (they will!)


You've tried massing things out by creating a group program you sell with a sales letter . . . and you find the only way it works is by reducing your price . . . you end up with more clients, but since you aren't making any more . . . you burn out trying to help everyone.



What if there were an easier way to sell your High Ticket Coaching and Consulting?

Would you want to know about it?



If so, I'd like to invite you to a Private Training I'm holding:

How to Sell High Ticket Coaching and Consulting With a 100% Virtual Funnel Without Sales Calls or 1-1



Here's the thing, with the Shutdowns and Covid and everything else, people are working from home.



They have more time than ever to implement their business.


And what they are realizing is that they can't get the training they need to build their 6 figure business, from a $2000 training.


They need real help.


Real accountability.


Real community.


Real advice.


A Real Coach.


And the high ticket coaching and consulting industry has taken a huge turn . . .


You see, people WANT the high intensity, high touch experience that High Ticket provides.


And they KNOW they can't get the same level of touch and intimacy and questions answered and direct advice anywhere BUT investing at a High Level.


In the last 60 days, my Highest Ticket programs have been my best sellers . . .


I've enrolled more clients in High Ticket programs than probably any other time in my business.


And that's DURING the aftermath of the shutdowns.


And not only me . . .but many of my colleagues I talk with, they have experienced the same thing.


I've never seen anything like it . . .


People are investing in High Ticket at a level never before seen, across the board!



Now, perhaps you know that your program changes lives . . .


And you are frustrated because you can't scale because you are maxed out on doing free consults and strategy sessions.


And like me, you don't want to do a 7 figure launch just so you can break even on 7 figures so that you can get leads for your High Ticket Mastermind . . . .


You don't want to hire a team of sales people just to be able to scale  . . .



It doesn't have to be that way . . . .


Right in the middle of the Quarantine (I was working extra cause there was NOTHING to do and my wife had had an appendectomy right when the quarantine hit, so she was doing nothing too)


Right in the middle of the Quarantine


I ran a test email and webinar series


You see, I had had a brainstorm . . . a lightning bolt . . . and flash of inspiration . . . and a Word!



My word was "A New Way to Close"


And I knew immediately what it was  . . .


You see, I had just tested the beginnings of a new webinar script  .. . .


It was a test to see if my accumulated experience with intense persuasive email copy combined with my own unique webinar style could enroll High Ticket Clients into a High Ticket program without a sales call . . .




That webinar script that ended up with nearly 20% conversion to a High Ticket Coaching Program


Now, that was just a test webinar script.


We hadn't done the work on the persuasive emails yet.


We didn't even have a sales page!


And we were getting nearly 20% conversion rate on a webinar to a High Ticket Coaching Program!


Some colleagues of mine have been testing something similar, and are getting similar results . . . this isn't a one-time thing, in fact I predict that this is the future of scaling high ticket programs . . .




We are seeing 20% to 30% conversion rate to a High Ticket Coaching or Consulting Program




Now, full disclosure:

This is no ordinary system

(In fact, it's so advanced I call it my "machine")


This is no ordinary webinar.


This is no ordinary webinar sign-up email series.


This is no ordinary sales letter . . . .


There is a very advanced, deeply tested, highly integrated, and deeply psychological set of multiple emails, a 2 step webinar system, social selling, a 2 part sales letter and post - webinar emails that are deeply psychological and compelling . . . .


But the fact remains . . . this is converting at about the same conversion rate most normal High Ticket closers convert at  . . . 20% - 30%!




Now, honestly speaking here . . .


I was planning to hold this to myself . . .


And simply use it to fill my own $12k program . . .


Quietly use it behind the scenes to fuel my own increase . . .


You see, in the last 60 days, I've had some of my highest revenue months in years.


And I knew that all I needed to do was to sit back, continue to tweak and perfect the emails and the 2-step webinars and the social selling scripts . . .


And I estimate I could dial in $100k a month in easy revenue . . .


But I've actually decided to pull back the curtain and show a select number of private clients what's working . . .

Here's why: I've made the decision that for 2021, I want to take 100 clients to $100k/month in 2021

Yes, I know that's bold

And aggressive

But I've come to the conclusion I'd rather help 100 people do something meaningful - like change their life by getting to $100k/month

Than to keep teaching 1000s of people who don't take action and therefore aren't growing  . .




So . . . . I've made a decision


Instead of hoarding my discovery


And the hard work that's gone into the email sequences


And the 2 step webinars


And the intense content sequence


And the post-webinar email persuasion campaign


And all the other intense components


I've made the decision to hold a very special private class



During this class I am going to reveal:


--> The Real-World reasons why it's possible like NEVER BEFORE to scale to $100k a month quickly with automated High Ticket enrollment


--> The complete email + webinar + sales letter funnel that makes it all possible (and some of the deep insights I've learned and developed to make it work)


--> The formula for getting a minimum 20% conversion rate to a $5k or higher program


--> The backend $25k and $35k High Ticket Program and how to sell it as well




And most crucial of all:


--> Why trying to stick to selling 1-1 over the phone will keep you from going past $30k a month in this economy - and (Surprise!) The model that allows you to go to $100k/month with automated high ticket selling with no sales calls and no employees!


--> I'll reveal MY OWN STATS for selling High Ticket this year . . .

--> I'll show you the EXACT FUNNEL we use to get 20%++ conversion rates to High Ticket Programs



--> The simple roadmap YOU can use to get to $50k - $100k/month in 2021



Now, this is a private training, because it's high-level information that frankly isn't right for everyone's business, so it's only available by invitation, to apply for an invite, simply answer the questions below:

Apply to Attend High Ticket Scaling Live Training Class

P.S. You may not know this . . . but this is probably the best time in all of history to be scaling your high ticket business  .. .


You see, not only are people LOOKING for more intimate programs, they know they have the time to do the work, unlike before Covid, they actually have MORE money to invest because they aren't spending it in the malls . . .


PLUS - with the economy potentially taking a turn for the worse after the New Year . . . . why not position yourself by having your first $100k month BEFORE the end of the year, and really master what works in a more affluent market . . . rather than waiting until the market turns and try to figure it out then . . . .


And one more thing:


There is a HUGE influx of new Consultants coming online . . . executives and managers and CEOS who are being let go because of the Covid slowdowns in Corporate . . . .


There is NO BETTER TIME to build a $100/ month business than right now . . .


Hands down


So . . . if you want to see exactly what I'm doing to scale my own High Ticket business . . . so that you can copy what I'm doing,



Like I said, this is a private training, because it's high-level information that frankly isn't right for everyone's business, so it's only available by invitation, to apply for an invite, simply answer the questions below:


Apply to Attend High Ticket Scaling Live Training Class