How to Fast Track Client Enrollment

Mastermind Replay: How to Fast Track Client Enrollment

Do you want to fast-track your client enrollment?

Does it sometimes take 3-6 months (or more) from the time you meet a prospect until they enroll with you?

Would you like to possibly increase the number of new clients who enroll with you each month by 2x - 4x or more?

If so, I encourage you to attend today's powerful Mastermind Training . .

I'll show you:

--> The key reason it may take 3-6 months or more for a client to enroll:

And how you can change that to 3-6 DAYS when you make one subtle shift in your positioning . . .

--> A secret way to ultra-laser target your ideal clients so that you repel clients who aren't a good fit and exude and irresistible pull on high ticket clients who ARE a perfect fit

--> The exact process on your site that warms prospects up FAST and makes them DESIRE to work with YOU and ONLY you (you become the #1 consultant they want to hire, instead of any other consultant)


Personal note from Sean:

This is brand new, cutting edge . . will be revealing to you and give you a solid plan to immediately start ATTRACTING high ticket prospects

Sean Mize

Sean Mize