7 Figure Boardroom Business

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Watch Me Build a 7 Figure Boardroom Business From Scratch in One Day

This live training is on Friday at 1 PM ET till ?????

Warning: this is not for everyone. Currently, this model is being used by the top marketers and highest earners on earth, and it's the #1 model for high end consulting since the quarantines began.

This is normally done with big teams, 5-10 staff, and a big budget.

Today I am going to peel back the curtain and literally show you in real time the parts of a 7 figure consulting business, and demonstrate the actual creation of the business.

Although parts of this will be recorded, much of the discussion and explanation may not be.

I personally promise that if you move your schedule around to be live for this training, it will be worth your time.

You may know that I personally cancelled 6 hours of my own day yesterday (thank you Becca, Richard, Mark, and all my High Ticket Mentoring Clients for allowing me to move your consulting with me to a different day).

If you attend today's training, and totally participate mentally and emotionally, turn off all social and texting and focus 100% you will emerge with the understanding of what it takes to run a 7 figure business and know that if you simply do the steps, YOU can have a 7 figure business as fast as you can implement.

Warning: this is hard work, will require you to learn new things, do uncomfortable things, and work 4 hours a day.

Therefore it is NOT for everyone.

Everyone (as in my clients to whom this letter is sent) is welcome to watch and learn - but just know this: just as swimming is not for everyone, skiing moguls is not for everyone, raising 10 children is not for everyone . . .

Running a 7 figure business is not for everyone.

It's not child's play, it's not some push button click system where riches come in automatically.

It's work.

It's 7 figures.

It changes lives.

It pays well.

This live training is on Friday at 1 PM ET till ?????

If you want in, register here and show up:

Step 1:

This live training is on Friday at 1 PM ET till ????


Hi, I'm Sean Mize . . .

I've been helping entrepreneurs create training programs and coaching programs for over 13 years, and have taught thousands of clients.

Over the course of time, I've fine-tuned the processes to getting started FAST and in the Masterclass I dig deep on what's working NOW!~


I hope you enjoy the training, I'll see you on the other side!


Sean Mize


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