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Choose the training you need based on the stage of the linkedin nurture cycle you are stuck on:

Step 1: Connect and Convert Into a Lead Scripts

When you use the right connection request script for your perfect leads, you get a high connection acceptance rate and build your connections fast, then use a gift offer to turn them into leads


Step 2: Quickly Nurture Leads into Warm Sales Appointments

Accelerate the Buying Cycle With Your Trust-Building Gift Sequence so that when they get on the phone with you, they know, like, and trust you and a ready for a solution

So at this point, I trust that the free training and templates is helpful to you . . .

But if you are thinking, I really need to talk to a human that can help me personally target and put this into action, I want to invite you to schedule a call with me or one of my advisors, to discuss your targeting, map out a linkedin game plan to take you to the next level, and if it makes sense, talk about how you can get ongoing help from us.

Below is a more indepth training.

Ignore the volume levels and sales levels indicated as this was taught on a CEO Scale training class . . .

So it teaches the basic method but also discusses scale . . .

However, lead generation strategy works from just a few leads a week all the way up to the higher level . .



P.S. if you just want to see the live linkedin demonstration, and skip the scale training, skip to the 25:06 time stamp . . .

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