How to Get Leads and Clients on Linkedin-oi

Here's the EXACT Way We Get Leads, Appointments, and Sales on Linkedin . . .Without Running Ads or Spending Hours on Social Media

Get 1000s of Leads That Need What You Sell and Can Afford to Work With You

Consultants: How to Get High Quality Appointments on Linkedin That Convert to Clients Within Days, Without Spammy Automation or Long Prospecting Sessions

How to Automate the Entire Process to Get a Full Time Load of Leads, Appointments, and Sales

Script Templates for Getting Connections to Become Leads

If you're not getting leads and appointments every single day on linkedin, you are missing out

The Trust Intensification Process
That Takes Connections → Leads →Appointments/ Sales Calls →Clients Within Days not months or years . .

You are good at what you do, your consulting skill or package delivers the goods . . .

But you aren't selling enough, not because you aren't good at selling . . .

but because you don't have enough warmed up leads.


Maybe you've tried spammy automation or bulk leads, but prospects are so cold they freeze during your call . .

Or you fear spending hours each day warming your leads up in LinkedIn . . . and that's just a dreadful thought (me too!)

I'll share with you one key right now:

There is a better way . . . . imagine you spend 30 minutes a day on connection requests and then 2 quick followups to turn the connections into prospects . . .

but then instead of setting an appointment with a still-cold lead, you use a carefully choreographed 3 day email warming funnel that breaks down barriers, warms up leads and has THEM asking YOU if they can talk . . rather than you spammily sending them a calendar link and then hoping they buy (when they are still cold!)

Friend, this process takes 3-5 days to start producing leads . . . but it's well worth it to have leads that are ready to hear about your solution, rather than just expecting a "sales pitch" they expect to say no to  . . .

If you want to start talking with warm prospects within 3-5 days, download the connection templates and the 3 day warming sequence here:

Hi, I'm Sean Mize . . .

I've been helping entrepreneurs create training programs and coaching programs for over 13 years, and have taught thousands of clients.

Over the course of time, I've fine-tuned the processes to getting started FAST and in the Masterclass, I dig deep on what's working NOW!~

I hope you enjoy the training, I'll see you on the other side!

Sean Mize

P.S. Here's what a few of my clients say about me:

sean mize no background-3

Everything about Sean Mize is summed up in his signature. As a coach to all coaches, he is a living example of that signature and as his student, you get to hear his message in stereo on every call.

Sean has a huge appetite for work and honestly shares everything he has personally learned in the trenches.

As a coach, Sean reads the market place very accurately and intuitively knows when and how to pivot.

As his student, you get simple applicable systems to use with no fluff.

I honestly highly recommend Sean to you to have your life challenged and changed as he has done for me.

- Lloyd Portman

Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product, working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them.

I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean. Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups.

Since then, Sean has  continually pushed and inspired me to keep removing the distractions - the plethora of "bright-shiny objects" in the online marketing world - and simplify, simplify, simplify. He keeps the model simple and straightforward. For me, his approach and support have been exactly what I've needed, like the use of blinders on a horse.

He pushes his clients when he sees he needs to, pulls us when we need him to, whispers, shouts (metaphorically!), and grabs our attention off of the distractions. He has kept me moving forward in a straight line toward my goal of launching and growing a coaching arm of my music-lessons business. I launched that arm of my business last month and have enrolled three paying clients.

- Natalie

Get the Templates Now

The Connection Request We Use That's Getting 30% - 50% Acceptance Rate

Script Template for Getting 10% of Connections to Become Leads on Day 1

The Real Reason Prospects Aren't Converting on Your Sales Call (Even if you are good at closing referrals and long-term followers)

Hi Sean,

It would be my absolute pleasure to write a little about how you have helped me"

I first came across Sean Mize and his coaching for coaches programs about 18 months ago. This was at a stage in my business and my life when I urgently needed to get my coaching business up and running online but I was completely stuck and couldn't see a way forward. I was experiencing utter overwhelm and confusion. I'd looked at so many business models and spent literally thousands of dollars looking for the right answers about the way to go and all that resulted from this was more confusion and overwhelm.

And then, like a ray of sunshine bursting through dark clouds I happened to come across some coaching material that Sean Mize had put together.

I can vividly recall my excitement as I worked through Sean's videos and other content and quickly came to realise that the business strategies he was teaching were absolutely doable.

For the first time, thanks to Sean I had a clearly defined path to follow that made absolute sense and best of all was its simplicity. When you work with Sean I'm sure you will find like I did that he has this amazing ability to cut through the noise and focus you on taking the action needed to get results in your coaching business.

Sean's teaching, live coaching and ongoing mentorship has been a life changer for me and I'll be forever grateful that I found Sean Mize.

He has my highest recommendation.

- Anthony McAvaney