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A few words from my Clients

Everything about Sean Mize is summed up in his signature.

As a coach to all coaches, he is a living example of that signature and as his student you get to hear his message in stereo on every call.

Sean has a huge appetite for work and honestly shares everything he has personally learned in the trenches.

As a coach, Sean reads the market place very accurately and intuitively knows when and how to pivot.

As his student, you get simple applicable systems to use with no fluff.

I honestly highly recommend Sean to you to have your life challenged and changed as he has done for me.

- Lloyd PortmanĀ 

Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product,

Working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them. I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean.

Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups.

Since then, Sean has continually pushed and inspired me to keep removing the distractions - the plethora of "bright-shiny objects" in the online marketing world - and simplify, simplify, simplify. He keeps the model simple and straightforward. For me, his approach and support have been exactly what I've needed, like the use of blinders on a horse.

He pushes his clients when he sees he needs to, pulls us when we need him to, whispers, shouts (metaphorically!), and grabs our attention off of the distractions. He has kept me moving forward in a straight line toward my goal of launching and growing a coaching arm of my music-lessons business. I launched that arm of my business last month and have enrolled three paying clients.

- Natalie