Webinar Secrets Training Program PLR upsell

Do you want to add PLR rights to this webinar training package?

Dear Client,

Because you've just invested in the brand new Webinar Secrets Training Program

I'm going to offer you the first - ever private label rights to this package . . .

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You can reteach, resell, copy, get ideas from, put in your memberships - just about anything except say that my voice is yours!

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That's right - you get full private label rights to the entire program:


--> How to Create a Squeeze Page Promoting Your Webinar

--> How to Write Your Webinar Opening

--> How to Write Your "Webinar Story"

--> How to Write the Teaching Section of Webinar

--> How to Write the Webinar Transition and Close

PLUS - deep, deep detail on the transition and the close (this is cutting edge):

--> Webinar Transition Strong Training

--> Webinar Concise Close Plus Alternative Close and Discussion

--> How to Write a Webinar Mini-Close

--> More about a Webinar Mini Close Workshop With Workshop, etc

--> Deep Webinar Close Example

--> MORE Webinar Close Strong Training

--> MORE Webinar Transition and Close

--> How to Add Style to Your Webinar


In addition, You'll get my 2 Step Webinar Formula:

--> 2 Step High Ticket Webinar Consultant Webinar

--> 2 Step Consulting Model Overview

--> 2 Step Consulting Success Path Discussion

--> Squeeze Page Discussion for Webinars

--> Minimum Viable Funnel Behind the Scenes of One Of My Basic Funnels

--> Streamline Into Minimum Viable Funnel and Weekly Webinars (This one's a cool angle in your business)

--> Minimum Viable Funnel and Weekly Webinar Quick Look (Bonus)

--> Minimum Viable Funnel Overview + Webinar Close Work

--> Minimum Viable Funnel Plus Encouragement to Take Action


This is radically powerful webinar training, and I honestly don't know anyone else who teaches this depth, especially with a conversationally friendly style . .




Plus you get the private label resale rights to the very special email campaign bonus

And these rights could go for $500 or more


But I've decided to add this in as a bonus because it's so powerful, and it's like it completes the puzzle . .

And that's my proprietary Webinar Email Campaign Method . .

You get  the entire Brand New Email Campaign Training as well:


--> Webinar Email Campaign Part 1 Outline Emails

--> Webinar Email Campaign Intro and Day 1

--> Webinar Email Campaign Intro and Day 1 Discussion

--> Webinar Email Campaign Day 2

--> Webinar Email Campaign Discussion Exciting

--> Webinar Email Campaign Topics and Flow

--> Webinar Email Campaign Topics and Flow Discussion

--> Webinar Email Campaign Days 3 and 4

--> Webinar Email Campaign Deep Discussion


Like I said, these rights could stand alone at $500  - plus the core training at $1000 . . .it's a $1500 value

as one of the first 5 clients, you get plr rights for just $50 more: