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Your Homework Before We Meet

Next Steps Before Your Call

Step #1: What You Need to Know Before We Speak

Step #2: Prepare for the Call

Before our call, I'd like you to become familiar with my work, if you aren't already.

You can obviously start with a tour of my site, spend time in linkedin or youtube, or use google as they link to a lot of our work.

And to make it easy, I'll link to some of my work here as well:

Here are a couple worksheets from my program:

Offer and Program Creation Document

High Ticket Coaching Program Overview and Plan

Here is a pretty cool interview:

Mike Killen Interviews me: How Funnel Businesses Can Scale Their Business

Here are a couple of my articles:

7 Step Email Linkedin Launch

How to Start a Group Coaching Program

Step 3: Watch These Videos Before Our Call

Introduction to Results-Based Lessons and Coaching Calls:

Offer Creation and High Ticket Mentoring Design

Write an Application Email Campaign

Linkedin Send Leads Through Funnel