13 Week Guided 1-1 Impact Offer System

13 Week Guided 1-1 Program: Impact, Offer, and Systems Kickoff

Congratulations on being accepted into the 13 Week Guided 1-1 Impact, Offer, and Systems Personal Mentorship!

Over the course of the next 13 weeks, me and my team of coaches will guide you sequentially in:

==> Developing Your Impact Offer that attracts high quality clients

==> Building our your unique system that predictably lands clients and/or appointments

==> Implementing the steps in your business that are necessary to grow and scale

==> Other unique needs that you personally have, as we discussed on your call (this is guided 1-1, so the course is modified for each client)


You'll receive 13 scheduled 1-1 sessions, Sean Mize will be your primary coach, but on about 1/2 the sessions, as needed based on your progress and exactly what you are working on at that time, you may work with a specialty coach on my team, for example web design, graphics design, copywriting language, etc - all working under and in close guidance by me, Sean Mize.


In addition to the 13 scheduled 1-1 sessions, you will also receive access to a weekly group Mastermind that is a "touch-up" call between 1-1 sessions, in case you have a question between calls.

You will also receive access to my highest level current Mentoring trainings, which are far-reaching, but you will be guided to which you might need, based on what you currently working on.


The total investment is $3700 and includes all 1-1 access, all Mastermind access, all access to any needed templates or trainings.

Thank you for trusting me to guide and mentor you!

Sean Mize

Thank you for trusting me to guide you.

This will be an amazing journey for you, as you will implement at a high level, receive incredible accountability, and push towards amazing results.

I look forward to seeing your results and your finishing!