Motivation elements for a Coach

Every individual has his or her own idea on what motivates them. In order to stay on something until the success in seen requires some form of motivation and perseverance. Finding what motivates and playing to enhance and build this factor to its optimum will ensure the goal set is not only achieved but achieve with phenomenon results.



Being highly qualified or knowledgeable in a certain field does not ensure success as there is always the very real possibility of the initial enthusiasm fading or frustration setting in. Motivation is always a good tool to use when wanting to achieve a desired result.


Finding each individual’s motivation technique and using it to encourage higher and consistent levels of achievement is not only an advantage to tap into but also a prerequisite for success. These motivation techniques can take on many different forms as it varies from individual to individual.


Some people are motivated by visual effects. If this is the case having a lot of visual aids surrounding the individual would help him or her be able to “see” in their minds eye the finished product of what they are actually working on or towards. In being able to visualize the end product the individual is able to keep their focus and attention levels at a constant optimum level.


Some people are motivated by the freedom element. The goal of the possibility of achieving total freedom is what keeps them motivated to strive for success. Freedom in mapping out the desired destiny can bring on unknown reserves of zest and hunger which is a powerful motivation tool.


Strangely some people are motivated by failure. Having said this, it is not wise to try to fail in order to succeed. The motivation strength that is gained but the strong desire to overcome the failure is another way to tap into the unimaginable possibilities every individual possess.