Self Confidence in a Coach

Today the popular belief is that self confidence is fostered by kind words, uplifting words, complimenting words and generally word that bring about the positive experience. However all the positive words put together will not come to any use if the individual concerned does not know how these words of   confidence are supposed to reflect.



Therefore it is imperative to build one’s on self confidence within one’s self and only then the individual can be confident in other things. Waiting for outside approval in every aspect in the individual’s life is not only an unhealthy way to exist but also causes the individual to lose sight of his or own self value and thought process. Allowing the mindset that endorses the thought process that only places importance on what other people think is not the way to build self confidence.


One way of building self confidence is by acknowledging the uniqueness of the individual and all the good and positive elements that are part of the uniqueness. When this is recognized the self confidence gained is almost always unshakeable, and therefore any suggestions or styles put forth will encounter less resistance and may even be taken as absolute.


In giving the best one can give to any endeavor, and in knowing that to be a fact the self confidence element allows for the margin to accept the results even if it is less than satisfactory. This in turn encourages both the individual and the coach to freely exercise creativeness in trying to achieve the best results.


When self confidence is built in both parties another positive outcome would be perseverance. Because of the comfortable relationship fostered through the self confidence element, the ability to move on and continue to persevere in spite of existing problems and obstacles is clearly evident.