GoalSetting for a Coach

In order to achieve success there must be a plan in place. Without adequate planning it would be very difficult to work on a particular project as there would be guidelines in place to follow and bench mark against. There are several different items to explore when learning how to plan goals successfully and fruitfully.



Some of the more important considerations to focus on are actual specific goal outlines, intended goal results, timelines, individuals involved, and others.


Probably the first step to consider when embarking on the journey of how to plan a goal is the actual mental picture of the said goal being transformed into something more tangible like a suggested system that will be used.


The next step would be to put this outline into an acceptable and understandable productive system. In doing so the various objectives and tasks can be allocated and assigned accordingly.


When this is done the coach will teach on how to empower each member of the team linked to the project. By recognizing each individual’s talents and potential contributions the coach helps to teach the best ways to create, organize, and allocate tasks that are suitable and doable for everyone.


All through this exercise the important element of “listening” to inputs and outputs of everyone is important to ensure a good and balanced working relationship and environment.


When teaching goal planning, another important step to consider is the seriousness of the timelines set. These timelines should be very realistic and without too much unnecessary pressure.


Planning for daily and weekly deadlines will ensure the overall progress stays on track and the possible problems can be addressed immediately and efficiently.


Goal planning also requires the correct “tools” to be identified and used for the success of the intended project. Teaching this is part of ensuring the success of the project because without the proper “tools” to assist those involved may not be able to function adequately and professionally, thus jeopardizing the overall success of the project.