In the quest to being a good coach with the desire to empower others to be in control of their individual lives, the objective should be, getting people to recognize the importance of being a good listener.

As a coach and as a participant on the receiving end, this vital practice of being a good listener enables both parties to reach and achieve phenomenal progress and results in any foray. Really listening is the key to understanding and tapping into the resources in individual or a group has to offer. Also by stopping to listen and take into consideration each point put forth, the respect levels on both parties is heightened and evident.


True leadership qualities can be built when the true character and behavior assessments are made clearly. However in order to do this all the facts need to be clear and available thus the ability to develop the patience to stop and listen before any judgment is made are taught in good coaching and empowering sessions.


Listening in order to understand and get the full “picture” on an idea is very important and it also ensure the right or relevant practices are put into action. Not having the correct information and not listening to all possible information may cause the wrong decisions to be made and in turn have detrimental effects. By listening one also ensures proper evaluations are done on the various aspects of a particular project.


Teaching the art of listening also helps to give each individual the confidence to verbalize anything either negative or positive to ensure the success of the team or individual success of a project. This also allows for the conducive environment where everyone is able to give their own individual view to contribute to the success of the project without the fear of being sidelined or ridiculed.