Create a Culture of Accountability in your Coaching Group

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” Bob Proctor


A goal that is shared with others is more likely to be achieved. It’s all about accountability. Once other people are involved, things start to get very real.

But when it comes to group coaching, accountability isn’t about pride or ‘saving face’ with other group members.

Accountability brings with it powerful motivators: the excitement of a shared experience, inspiration from the success of others, and positive reinforcement from the group.

Here are some practical ways to introduce accountability into your group coaching programs:

* Breakout groups

It can be easy for some of your clients to get lost in the crowd. If this happens, accountability loses its power. So break people up into smaller groups. Once members form a connection with each other, they become more invested in the entire group’s success.

* Assign accountability partners

Pair group members up based on similar goals or working style. Outside of the group, accountability partners will check in with each other and share their progress.


* Integrate ‘progress reports’ into group chats or on social media

Group members can also share progress online. Keep it to one standout item per person, so members who haven’t achieved as much aren’t demotivated or disheartened. To keep it interesting, create a theme around the share: “Name one breakthrough you’ve had this week”, “Tell us about a to-do item that you finally crossed off your list”, “Share something that you are proud of this week”.

Keep raising the bar,

Jane Gardner

P.S. Get Feedback from members of the Group to see if Accountablity is working or it is getting lost!